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Allografts can be used for sinus augmentation, maxillofacial reconstruction and correction of periodontal and ridge defects. Our tissue allografts are clinically proven in multiple applications. As a result, we are the world's most trusted provider of transplant solutions, from new innovations in tissue grafts and technologies to regenerative medicine and cellular therapies. Since 1995, more than 8 million allografts processed using Allowash® technology have been distributed by LifeNet Health with no disease transmission. 1-4

Ridge Augmentation

For clinical and aesthetic purposes, sometimes it is neccessary to rebuild the natural height and width of the alveolar ridge following a tooth extraction. This procedure helps to support implants by providing support. Allografts are an ideal solution for ridge augmentation because they are readily available, eliminate donor site morbidity, and reduce operation/treatment time.

Soft Tissue Augmentation

Gum recession result in the exposure of the root of the tooth. Root coverage improves aesethetics as well as eliminates sensitivity associated with exposure. Connective tissue grafts such as OrACELL are used for this procedure to provide new gingivia and cover the root.

Periodontal Defects

Bone loss resulting from periodontal disease is common among older patients. Osseous regeneration using bone grafts such as OraGRAFT can restore structure providing good clinical and asethetic outcomes.


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