Professional Development

LifeNet Health proudly delivers quality educational programs serving our professional nursing and technical staff surgical community. We are committed to advancing health care education through continuous educational offerings that include complementary, on-site, instructor-led, continuing education (CE) programs. Our educational programs provide information on varied topics focusing on the process of donation, allograft tissue safety and use, and caring for those who are touched through the powerful experience of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Instructor-led, CE program offerings:  

 Cardiovascular Allograft Tissues: From Donation to Transplantation (1.0 CE)
 Learner Objectives

  • Describe the process for organ and tissue donation
  • Have knowledge of donation criteria specific for cardiovascular tissues
  • Understand the clinical applications for donated cardiovascular grafts
  • Understand the process of preparing cardiovascular tissue for transplantation
  • Discuss the clinical implications for handling cardiovascular tissue in the OR

  Compassion Fatigue: Reclaim the Joy of Caring (1.0 or 3.0 CE)
Learner Objectives  

  • Gain a theoretical understanding of the history and causes of compassion fatigue and burnout in order to identify personal risk factors & symptoms, as well as their personal and professional impact. 
  • Be able to discern healthy vs. unhealthy caregiving
  • Identify the challenges of thwarting compassion fatigue nd the strengths that enable the individual to minimize burnout
  • Identify methods to incorporate learnable skills, a self-care plan, prevention, and interventional strategies to enhance resilience and healthy change

  Tissue Banking Past, Present and Future: Expanding Opportunities for Donation (1.0 CE)
  Learner Objectives

  • Gain knowledge of the utilization and advantages of transplant tissues
  • Learn about some highlights in the history of tissue transplantation
  • Review the donation process and the advances in tissue preparation and the benefits for tissue recipients
  • Gain insight into the types of organs, tissue, and cells that expand the opportunity for donation through research applications

Allograft Tissue: Facility Regulations and Requirements (1.0 CE)
Learner Objectives

  • List several types of allograft tissues used in hospital settings
  • Explore various organizations that affect allograft programs
  • Explain the effect of current Joint Commission standards on a hospital's policies
  • Compare and contrast hospital procedures with standards of practice

Grief & Loss (2.0 CE)
Learner Objectives

  • The skill-building workshop will help you attend to the many challenges of working with the newly bereaved. It includes a workbook and classroom session.
  • Outline personal grief factors 
  • Describe the six needs of mourners
  • Recognize the factors which contribute to complicated mourning
  • Distinguish the recognized acute symptoms of grief and methods of response
  • Describe skillful listening guidelines
  • Determine risk for compassion fatigue and create self-care response

Tissue Transplantation: Ensuring Safety (1.0 CE)
Learner Objectives

  • Outline allograft tissue processing steps
  • Discuss the difference between aseptic processing and sterilization
  • Explain the significance of Sterility Assurance Level
  • Contrast various sterilization methods used for human allograft tissue
  • Understand the effects of sterilization methods used for allograft tissue on patient outcomes. 

The Donation Process (1.0 CE)
Learner Objectives

  •  Describe the donation continuum
  •  Explain consent and authorization for organ and tissue donation 
  •  Summarize the steps in the recovery process
  • Identify donor eligibility for the donation of tissue   
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Listed continuing education programs are sponsored and funded by LifeNet Health.  

LifeNet Health is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CEP16679). LifeNet Health is prohibited from awarding education credit hours for professionals licensed by the states of Vermont or Massachusetts. Lecture participation is welcomed, but please return all materials to a LifeNet Health representative. LifeNet Health also reserves the right to prohibit licensees from other states as necessary for legal compliance. 




Commitment to Quality (CTQ) Allograft Bio-Implant: From Donation to Transplantation (6.0 CE)
Learner Objectives

  • Understand the organ and tissue donation process
  • Understand the donor screening and approval process
  • Discuss the OR implications of handling transplant tissue
  • Explain the differences and significance of Sterility Assurance Level
  • Discuss the quality assurance requirements for allograft tissue processing

Continuing education (CE) credit is awarded by the approved provider, Pfiedler Education. Funds for this learning activity are provided by LifeNet Health.