About LifeNet Health


Saving Lives. Restoring Health. Giving Hope.


LifeNet Health is the world's most trusted provider of transplant solutions — from organ recovery and technologically advanced clinical biologics and cellular therapies, to life sciences solutions that support drug discovery and medical innovation — a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, while always honoring the donors, healthcare professionals, and scientists who enable the healing process.


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Accountability
  • Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Urgency


  • Customer Service and Care
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Talented and Dedicated Employees

Through our attributes, we strive for excellence and growth in saving lives, restoring health, and giving hope.

The LifeNet Health Advantage

When partnering with an allograft supplier, we believe the decision should be based on the overall value clinicians and patients expect and deserve. At LifeNet Health, we deliver that value by excelling in six critical areas:


Since 1995, more than 10 million allografts processed using Allowash® sterilization technology have been distributed by LifeNet Health, with no disease transmission. By using a network of qualified and trained recovery partners, one of the most stringent screening and recovery protocols, patented tissue-cleaning and sterilization processes, and a highly controlled processing environment, we counter the risk of disease transmission at every step.


LifeNet Health’s controlled processing environment is designed to ensure tissue quality and safety. Through the consistent application of quality systems, quality control, and design control processes, LifeNet Health tissue grafts are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest possible quality. Year after year, this dedication to quality is validated internally and vetted by your peers as well as government and industry regulators. LifeNet Health holds the longest running current accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). Our certifications and memberships include AATB, CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), FDA registration, ISO 13485 (Standard for medical devices), and UNOS (United Network of Organ Sharing).


In keeping with the mission of saving lives, restoring health, and giving hope, LifeNet Health’s focus on research and development has resulted in many U.S. issued patents. As part of its commitment to advancing tissue grafts and regenerative medicine, LifeNet Health has developed key innovations such as proprietary and patented cleaning, demineralization, and composite allograft technologies. A leader in its field, LifeNet Health continually works on innovations to advance tissue graft safety and efficacy.


Customer service is available from 7am to 7pm EST, and on-call support is provided 24 hours a day for emergencies. LifeNet Health offers a flexible return policy, free shipping, and on-site Bio-Implant Specialists to consult with implanting surgeons and facilities.

Clinical Effectiveness

Our extensive portfolio of implants consistently performs at the highest level because LifeNet Health has invested considerable resources performing multiple clinical studies to ensure your patients' outcomes are positive.

Supply Chain Reliability

LifeNet Health offers you a partner with bi-coastal production facilities - ensuring a dedicated supply of much-needed allograft products to your facility. We are working towards being able to produce and process our entire extensive portfolio at each facility, which supports nearly every surgical discipline.

LifeNet Health Timeline

  • 1982 Eastern Virginia Tissue Bank established.
  • 1989 Eastern Virginia Tissue Bank becomes LifeNet.
  • 1995 Allowash Cleaning Technology introduced by LifeNet.
    • PAD Demineralization technology introduced by LifeNet.
  • 2000 LifeNet merges with Virginia's Organ Procurement Agency.
  • 2001 Implant of first VertiGraft VG2 Cervical Spine Allograft Bio-implant.
  • 2006 LifeNet merges with Florida Tissue Services, Inc. to become LifeNet Health of Florida.
  • 2007 LifeNet becomes LifeNet Health.
    • Preservon Ambient Storage, fully hydrated preservation technology, introduced by LifeNet Health.
  • 2008 Cardiograft Cardiac Patch with Matracell receives Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance.
    • Skin & Wound Allograft Institute is established.
    • OsteoCleanse Autograft Cleaning System launched.
  • 2009 LifeNet Health Regenerative Medicine Institute established.
  • 2010 Record year in LifeNet Health allograft bio-implant distribution (over 300,000).
    • ArthroFlex, DermACELL & Oracell decellularized dermis is launched.
  • 2012 LifeNet Health merges with Northwest Tissue Services to become LifeNet Health Northwest.
    • LifeNet Health Institute of Regenerative Medicine facility opens in Virginia Beach.
  • 2014 LifeNet Health changes its mission statement from "Saving Lives, Restoring Health" to "Saving Lives. Restoring Health. Giving Hope."
    • ViviGen® Cellular Bone Matrix launches as the first cellular allograft focused on lineage-committed bone cells.
  • 2017 LifeNet Health LifeSciences launched to accelerate preclinical research, drug discovery, and personalized medicine.
  • 2018 LifeNet Health opens its European headquarters in Vienna, Austria, for clinical training and distribution to support the use of allografts in Europe.
  • 2019 LifeNet Health opens a location in San Diego, California, for research operations and tissue engineering services.
    • LifeNet Health opens a 70,000-square-foot Global Distribution Center in Plainfield, Indiana.