Workplace Partnerships Showcase Community Commitment

LifeNet Health partners with employers across Virginia to raise awareness of all the good that comes from organ and tissue donation. This is a wonderful opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to making the world a better place. Participation is simple: Just create a donation friendly culture in your workplace. The goal is to encourage your employees to register as donors. These efforts will help demonstrate a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, in addition to making a lasting impact on people right in your community.

There is a critical shortage of organs in Virginia and nationwide. One donor can save up to nine lives, making a difference for the 100,000-plus Americans who are on the national transplant waiting list. A tissue donor can help more than 150 people. One in 20 Americans will need a tissue graft in his or her lifetime. Often this helps people who suffer from chronic and debilitating conditions. In some cases, donated tissue can save a life. Learn more about donation and how to register.

How the Program Works

Our workplace partnership is modeled after the DoNation Campaign developed by the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration. This is a flexible program that can be deployed in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the organization. LifeNet Health will offer support ranging from simple out-of-the-box communication tools, all the way up to hands-on educational programs for your employees. Options include organizing a special donation-focused event, to simply inviting us to set up a table at something that’s already planned, such as a benefits fair or company picnic.

We can also provide volunteer opportunities to help your employees take advantage of internal programs that promote community service.

By tracking your activities, your organization can earn special recognition from HRSA’s Division of Transplantation. Learn more by reviewing the DoNation scorecard. Keep in mind, tracking is not required to participate in this program. It’s an optional step.

Get started by reaching out to our Community Education team for support. We can help you formulate a plan based on your organizational needs.

Sample Resources