Thanks2You: For Tissue & Organ Recipients

Offering transplant recipients the opportunity to express their appreciation to donor families.

Families often find comfort in hearing from the recipients of their loved one's organs and tissue. A simple thank you can be uplifting to the family and reassure them that they made a wonderful decision to help others in the midst of their grief.

LifeNet Health welcomes the opportunity to facilitate anonymous letters of gratitude. It is our hope that you are on your way to a full recovery.


"Whenever I go to the mailbox and see something from LifeNet Health, I embrace it in my arms and hold it near my heart. It's a material connection to my son. Thank you so much for all that you do for us."

Rozell Wright, Donor Mother

"Thanks to my donor family, I can now enjoy visiting our seven children and thirteen grandchildren in Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri and South Carolina."

Winnie Bischof, Transplant Recipient

"I want to thank LifeNet Health for all the wonderful support you've given me since David's death. The folks at LifeNet Health let me talk, cry or whatever I need to do. The support, love and compassion I feel every time I get a letter, package or call from LifeNet Health is incredible."

Jane Fleuret, Donor Wife

"There are just some things you can never really thank someone for. You have given me the one thing that far and away tops the list-life itself. What a truly charitable, loving and heroic thing you were able to do. Thank you."

Gary Weiler, Transplant Recipient