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LifeNet Health Offers Full Range of Tissue Donation Services

It takes many partners, working together, to facilitate the extraordinary gift of tissue donation within a community. This includes hospitals, hospices, funeral homes, first responders, law enforcement, coroners, medical examiners – and most importantly, donors and their families.

As the only full-service tissue bank serving Virginia, Florida, and the Pacific Northwest, LifeNet Health is proud to offer an unprecedented level of support and expertise. We work with more than 1,000 hospital and community partners, in addition to 50-plus organ procurement organizations across the United States. We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to honor donor and family decisions. Following donation, our focus is on offering resources to help loved ones navigate their grief.

LifeNet Health is also a nonprofit organization, driven by a mission to save lives, restore health, and give hope.

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A Streamlined Experience for Partners

We offer a full range of end-to-end services, covering all facets of the tissue donation continuum – resulting in a streamlined experience for partners. This sets us apart from tissue recovery agencies, which rely on secondary processors, creating the need for variations in procedures.

LifeNet Health’s services include:

  • A one-step process for referrals to support tissue recovery partners in evaluating each potential donor. Our process is streamlined because as a full-service tissue bank, we don’t rely on secondary processors.
  • Recovery, with highly trained, nimble teams located throughout our service regions, along with well-defined response protocols to minimize delays.
  • Options to expand donation opportunities for families, including donation for research. These gifts can lead to medical breakthroughs that will impact thousands of others. Donated biospecimens are a key to helping scientists understand the progression of complex diseases, such as liver fibrosis, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism and more.
  • Reconstruction, above and beyond the required criteria established by the American Association of Tissue Banks. LifeNet Health offers a strong, policy-based reconstruction program that reflects our respect for the dignity of each donor.
  • Donor family support. LifeNet Health provides donor families with 30-plus months of ongoing support – a gold standard – as they navigate their grief journey. Our Donor Family Services program has been developed with input from donor families and national grief experts. We have also pioneered a Thanks2You initiative to connect donor families with recipients. Our Healing the Spirit website offers resources and support.
  • Communication. As a full-service tissue bank, LifeNet Health can report back to partners and donor families on how their loved one’s gifts have changed lives, including the number of tissues donated, types of tissue recovered and where they have been transplanted.
  • Distribution capacity within our regions, to ensure gifts can be returned to the same community whenever possible. LifeNet Health will also prioritize just-in-time delivery for emergent cases, further supporting surgical teams and patient needs.

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Commitment to Continuing Education

LifeNet Health is committed to advancing health care education. We offer biannual Tissue Improvement Plan meetings to keep our partners connected and up to date on best practices and changes in the industry.

LifeNet Health also offers instructor-led, continuing education programs to our health care partners. Tissue donation and transplantation is a major focus. Topics include an overview of the process, allograft tissue safety and use, how to care for those who are affected by donation and transplantation, compassion fatigue, and more. There is never any cost. Learn more.

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The World’s Most Trusted Provider of Transplant Solutions

LifeNet Health is the world's most trusted provider of transplant solutions. We facilitate organ donation throughout Virginia, saving hundreds of lives every year as a leading Organ Procurement Organization. Our work to coordinate tissue donation across the United States allows us to provide allografts that are used in transplants worldwide through our Biologics division. We advance regenerative medicine through pioneering research into tissue- and cell-based therapies. We provide scientific researchers with biospecimens to help them develop safe and effective new therapies through LifeNet Health LifeSciences. Our work would not be possible without donors and their families, and we honor their legacy in all we do.

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Man holding daughter on his back
Man holding daughter on his back