The CardioGraft® portfolio of cryopreserved and decellularized allografts offers surgeons a safe and reliable solution for cardiac repair and reconstruction. Human allografts have been shown to have a natural resistance to infection and can be used directly in infected surgical fields. For patients who present with an infection or those who are susceptible to infection, a cardiac allograft may be the safest choice for cardiac repair and reconstruction.1-6

Aortic Valve & Pulmonary Valve Replacement

Allograft aortic valves are effective for replacing infected native and prosthetic valves, as allograft tissue is naturally resistant to infection. Allograft pulmonary valves are ideal for adult congenital RVOT reconstruction and pediatric valve replacement. Both valve types allow patients to actively live without the burden of lifelong anticoagulation therapies.

Conduit Repair & Reconstruction

Allograft conduits are proven solutions for cardiac repair and reconstruction. They are also effective against graft infections as allografts are naturally resistant to infections.

Congenital Defect Repair

Allograft patch grafts are utilized in the repair of the right ventricular outflow tract and congenital outflow tract anomalies. Patch grafts are available both cryopreserved and decellularized utilizing our patented Matracell® technology.


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