Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Established in 2012, the LifeNet Health Institute of Regenerative Medicine is a division of LifeNet Health and serves as a global center of excellence for research and development.  Its focus is on new medical applications for allografts and tissue engineering to maximize the gift of donation.

Its mission is to apply the principles of regenerative medicine to enhance the efficacy of bioimplants for saving and improving the lives of patients and develop novel therapeutic approaches derived from, or designed to enhance the efficacy of, tissue allografts and organ transplantation.

As home to the LifeNet Health’s Research and Development operations, the Institute of Regenerative Medicine is committed to improving healing in the areas that LifeNet Health has served for 30 years - bone, cardiovascular, skin, sports medicine, spine, craniomaxillofacial, dental, and organ transplantation.  These achievements further the Institute’s goal to develop innovative or novel uses of donor tissues and organs through sound scientific and clinical research.