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Tissue Recovery for Research

For over 30 years, LifeNet Health’s record as a leader in organ and tissue recovery for transplantation, and has now expanded to include tissue recovery for research.  The purpose of this recovery group is to provide the gift of human organs that are not suitable for transplant, tissues, and cells to advance biomedical and pharmacological sciences.  LifeNet Health’s vision for this work is to become a vertically integrated unit to procure, process, and supply human tissue based research materials.

There are increasing needs to meet the demand from external researchers for high quality, well characterized tissues. This includes cells, extracellular matrices, and growth factors which can be derived from these research tissues. This work serves unmet needs at academic and research institutes, and pharmaceutical, reagent, and biotech companies.

LifeNet Health has access to organ tissues from both normal and diseased donors to support research needs.

Research tissue needs include: body fluids, cardiovascular tissue, digestive tissue, endocrine tissue, lymphatic tissue, musculoskeletal tissue, nervous tissue, ocular tissue, reproductive/birth tissue, respiratory tissue, and urinary tissue.