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Virtual Tissue Improvement Plan Meeting

LifeNet Health invites you to join us on June 29 for our Virtual Tissue Improvement Plan Meeting. This semi-annual workshop offers a combination of presentations and forums for discussion. As a tissue recovery partner, you will have the opportunity to learn about best practices, share ideas, identify challenges, exchange information, and problem-solve. Our goal is to equip you with answers and resources to share with your teams — and you'll learn more about LifeNet Health along the way. 

June 29, 2023
1 to 4:30 p.m. EST | 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PST

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Our agenda

Download the agenda (PDF)

1-1:05 p.m. EST — Welcome and introductions
Stefan Bernal, LifeNet Health

1:05-1:15 —  Connect to Purpose with Tissue Recipient Jan Flanders

1:15-1:30 — LifeNet Health Organizational and Industry Updates
Donna Bishop, LifeNet Health

1:30-1:45 —  Nonclinical Recovery Updates
Cain Aguirre, LifeNet Health

1:45-2:30 —  “Hidden Dangers” Opioid and Designer Drugs
Donnie Norrell, Investigative Concepts

2:30-2:40 —  Break

2:40-3 —  Screening Updates
Stefan Bernal and LifeNet Health Associate Medical Director Dr. Noelle Edwards, 

3-3:30 —  Funeral Home Relationships and Outreach
Leslie Garcia of LifeNet Health, Ashley Costanzo of Iowa Donor Network, and Cody Walker of  Southwest Transplant Alliance

3:30-4 —  Case Reviews with Medical Directors
Krystal Reynolds and Julie Morris of LifeNet Health, as well as the following LifeNet Health Associate Medical Directors: Dr. Christopher Hersh, Dr. Steven Julian, and Dr. Noella Edwards 

4-4:30 —  Closing Comments
Stefan Bernal, LifeNet Health

Stories of Hope

Fran Albrecht with her husbandRead more about the good we do together in our Stories of Hope – including the inspiring story of Fran Albrecht, who has dedicated her life to helping others. Fran was able to get back to her mission thanks to a gift from a tissue donor.