Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation Solutions

Oragraft Cancellous Cube

OraGraft Cancellous Blocks and Cubes

A block of solid cancellous bone allowing for space maintenance and rapid remodeling due to its trabelular architecture.
Preservation Method:  Freeze Dried

In a study asessing allograft particles and/or bone blocks in sinus augmentation with simultaneouos implant placement, the authors concluded that sinus augmentation using allograft particulate or blocks is predictable, with all outcome parameters being similar (implant survival, radiographic bone gain, histomorphometric new bone formation, and long-term follow-up), but that bone blocks may be advisable when simultaneous implant placement is imperative in cases with residual alveolar bone height of ≤3 mm.1

In another study, cancellous blocks were used for maxilla sinus floor augmentation along with simultaneous implant placement, after 27 months follow-up, the authors were encouraged by the high success rate and new bone formation.2   

1Chaushu L, Chaushu G, Kolerman R, Vered M, Naishols S, Nissan J.  Histomorphometrical Assessment of Sinus Augmentation Using Allograft (Particles or Block) and Simultaneous Implant Placement. Nature Scientific Reports, 2020.

2Chaushu G, Mardinger O, Calderon S, Moses O, Nissan J. The use of cancellous block allograft for sinus floor augmentation with simultaneous implant placement in the posterior atrophic maxilla. J Periodontol. 2009 Mar8(3):422-428


Oragraft Mineralized Cortical Particulate (FDBA)

OraGraft Mineralized Cortical Particulate (FDBA)

Oragraft mineralzied cortical particulate is a graft that maintains space and allows for increased bone to implant contact and remodels to host bone.
Preservation Method: Freeze Dried
Particle Size: 250-1000  microns  

A study in 19 patients concluded that FDBA is biocompatible, osteoconductive, and appropriate for use in sinus augmentation procedures.1

Another study found no significant difference in new bone formation, residual graft particles, or connective tissue values between Oragraft Mineralized Cortical Particulate and Bio-Oss. Orgraft performed as well as the nonautogeneous gold standard.2

The clinical histologic findings in a case seies suggest that ridge augmentation and sinus grafting with FDBA in combination with PRP provided a therapeutic alternative for implant placements.3 

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