OraGraft® Perio Fascia Lata - Resorbable Membranes

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications


OraGraft® Perio Fascia Lata is a Fascial covering of muscle from the lateral aspect of thigh

  • LifeNet Health patented Allowash XG® technology safely sterilizes allograft tissue
  • Variety of sizes available
Clinical Application
  • A unique cell occlusive, resorbable membrane that can be used in areas where primary closure cannot be achieved


Freeze-Dried Description Sizing
PFL 1.5 Perio Fascia Lata - Extra Small 15 mm x 30 mm
PFL S Perio Fascia Lata - Small 25 mm x 25 mm
PFL R Perio Fascia Lata - Regular 25 mm x 55 mm
PFL L Perio fascia Lata - Large 25 mm x 95 mm