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Oracell Acellular Dermis

Oracell Acellular Dermis

Oracell is an acellular dermal matrix used for the treatment of gingival recessions/root coverage; also used for thin gingiva around teeth or implants in comjunction wth bone grafting material; graft can also be used in conjunction with Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD).
Preservation Method: Preservon

In a randomized controlled trial Oracell (Straumann Allograft Dermal Matrix) was shown to be equivalent to CTG. VR and CAL improved significantly in both the CTG and Oracell groups from baseline to 6 months post-operatively, with no significant differences between groups regarding VR or CAL over the course of the study. In Miller Class III recession defects. Oracell provided a viable alternative to CTG with similar results.1

In a 20 patient study using Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) with OrACELL and a coronally advanced flap in Miller Class I and II defects, results at 3 months showed a significant improvement in clinical attachment and increased width of keratin-ized gingiva in all treatment sites.2

Acellular dermal matrix has been shown to generate a thicker bio-type, which is desirable around implants, as reports show less width of keratinized gingiva marginal tissue is associated with significantly more gingival inflammation, more plaque accumulation, adverse esthetic appearance, and more gingival recession.3

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