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Assessment of allograft particles and/or blocks in sinus augmentation with simultaneous implant placement

Sinus augmentation with allograft bone particulate and/or bone block is predictable:
Radiographic bone gain and histomorphometric new bone formation were achieved in all cases, and were similar between allograft particulate and allograft bone blocks.

Superior performance in implant survival and long-term follow-up:
All 90 implants inserted simultaneously with the allografts osseointegrated, and none were lost at final follow-up (range: 50 – 120 months).

Allograft bone block may be preferred when simultaneous implant insertion is imperative:
In 4 out of 21 cases using allograft particulate, second stage insertion (at 9 months) was required to achieve implant stability.

Panoramic radiograph demonstrating placement of block allograft (right) and particulate (left) in the maxilla.

1. Chaushu L, Chaushu G, Kolerman R, Vered M, Naishols S, Nissan J. Histomorphometrical Assessment of Sinus Augmentation Using Allograft (Particles or Block) and Simultaneous Implant Placement. Sci Rep. 2020; 10(1):9046. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-65874-5