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Product Specifications


ArthroFlex® is an acellular dermal matrix used to supplement soft tissue repairs such as the Achilles tendon and rotator cuff. It has ≥ 97% DNA removal, comes ready-to-use right out of the package, can be stored at room temperature (15°C - 30°C), and has a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, which is equal to medical device-grade sterility.1,2
  • Improved Clinical Outcomes: ArthroFlex demonstrated decreased re-tear rates and improved patient reported outcome scores after one and two years3,4
  • Increased Safety: Sterile with a SAL of 10-6 means lower risk of disease transmission
  • Decellularized: Uses Matracell® technology to remove ≥ 97% DNA and cellular remnants to decrease likelihood of immune response1
  • Promotes Rapid Healing: Biocompatible and retains natural growth factors, collagen and elastin1
  • Convenient: Preservon® technology allows graft to be stored fully hydrated at room temperature (15°C - 30°C) so it can be used right out of the package, without lengthy OR reconstitution processes1,2
  • Versatility: Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses
Clinical Application
  • Augment repairs of the rotator cuff
  • Augment repairs of the Achilles, biceps, quad and patellar tendons
  • Reinforce peroneal/tibialis tendons and flexor/extensor tendons of hand and foot
  • Reinforce capsular repairs
  • Suture reinforcement of soft tissue repairs
Order Code Description Sizing
AFLEX400 1.0 mm thick 40 x 40 mm
AFLEX100 1.5 mm thick 35 x 35 mm
AFLEX101 1.5 mm thick 40 x 70 mm
AFLEX103 1.5 mm thick 50 x 90 mm
AFLEX150 1.5 mm thick 15 x 140 mm
AFLEX200 2.0 mm thick 35 x 35 mm
AFLEX201 2.0 mm thick 40 x 70 mm
AFLEX202 2.0 mm thick 25 x 30 mm
AFLEX300 3.0 mm thick 40 x 50 mm
AFLEX301 3.0 mm thick 40 x 70 mm
AFLEX302 3.0 mm thick 50 x 60 mm
AFLEX822 (2 pack) 2.0 mm thick 10 x 14 mm each
AFLEX401 1.0 mm thick 40 x 70 mm
AFLEX402 1.0 mm thick 20 x 25 mm
AFLEX403 1.0 mm thick 25 x 30 mm
AFLEX500 0.5 mm thick 30 x 40 mm

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