Sports Medicine Processing Technologies

Sports Medicine Processing Technologies

The safety and quality of allograft bio-implants are critical to physicians and their patients. As a leading regenerative medicine company, LifeNet Health has developed a full suite of technologies to ensure these needs are met with every allograft we provide.


This patented and validated process renders allograft bio-implant tissue acellular; without compromising the biomechanical or desired biochemical properties of an allograft bio-impant surgical application.1


Our proprietary, glycerol-based preservation solution allows bio-implants to be stored in a fully hydrated state at ambient temperature.2  This eliminates the need for lengthy rehydration, and saves valuable OR time.


For optimal safety, Allowash XG is a 6 step process which addresses bioburden to provide medical implant level of sterility while maintaining the biomechanical and biochemical properties of our allografts.3-4

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