MatriSpine® Assembled Cervical Spacer

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Product Specifications


Bio-implant designed with two cortical endplates supporting a cancellous center for ACDF procedures

*For International Use Only

  • Proven Clinical Performance: A prospective study found 100% fusion rates after 12 months in 74 ACDF patients.1
  • Osteoconductive: Large cancellous matrix facilitates early bone growth.
  • Stability: Textured surface designed to reduce migration.2
  • Variety: Multiple footprints in both parallel and lordotic configurations to better match patient anatomy.
  • Sterile: Sterilized using proprietary and patented Allowash XG® technology. This technology provides a sterility assurance level of 10-6, without compromising the implant’s inherent osteoconductive properties.3
  • Ambient Storage: This implant features Preservon®; a proprietary, glycerol-based preservation technology that allows allograft bio-implants to be stored in a fully-hydrated state at ambient temperature. Preservon eliminates lengthy thawing and rehydrating times, and does not require freezer storage, or compromise biomechanical strength.4
  • Uniform dimensions.
Clinical Application

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Freeze-Dried Description Sizing
ACS5LOR 3.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 5mm Anterior
ACS5PAR 5mm Posterior Length | Parallel 5mm Anterior
ACS6LOR 4.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 6mm Anterior
ACS6PAR 6mm Posterior Length | Parallel 6mm Anterior
ACS7LOR 5.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 7mm Anterior
ACS7PAR 7mm Posterior Length | Parallel 7mm Anterior
ACS8LOR 6.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 8mm Anterior
ACS8PAR 8mm Posterior Length | Parallel 8mm Anterior
ACS9LOR 7.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 9mm Anterior
ACS9PAR 9mm Posterior Length | Parallel 9mm Anterior
ACS10LOR 8.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 10mm Anterior
ACS10PAR 10mm Posterior Length | Parallel 10mm Anterior
ACS11LOR 9.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 11mm Anterior
ACS11PAR 11mm Posterior Length | Parallel 11mm Anterior
ACS12LOR 10.59mm Posterior Length | 7° Lordosis 12mm Anterior
ACS12PAR 12mm Posterior Length | Parallel 12mm Anterior
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