I/C Graft Chamber®

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications
I/C Graft Chamber is a proprietary mix of demineralized bone material and cancellous chips designed to maintain osteoinductive potential and osteoconductive properties
  • Allows surgeons to customize hydration options to fit patients’ needs by using bone marrow aspirate (BMA), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Whole Blood, or Saline
  • When combined with bone marrow aspirate, the I/C Graft Chamber provides the three necessary mechanisms for bone formation (Osteoconductivity, Osteoinductive Potential and Osteogenicity)
  • Comprised of 100% natural bone matrix which is remodeled naturally during the bone healing process
  • Contains no fillers or carriers commonly used in bone putties and gels
  • The natural porous structure of cancellous chips provides an optimal scaffold for cellular attachment and vascular in-growth
Clinical Application
  • Utilized as a bone void filler or graft extender during spinal fusion surgeries to promote the likelihood of fusion
  • Used to fill the cavities in and around interbody spacers or serve as scaffold across lateral gutters bridging the transverse processes
Freeze-Dried Description Sizing
GDS005T DBM Particulate 5 cc
GDS005T DBM Particulate 5 cc
GDS010T DBM Particulate 10 cc
GDS010T DBM Particulate 10 cc
GDS015T DBM Particulate 15 cc
GDS015T DBM Particulate 15 cc