ViviGen® MIS Delivery System

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Product Specifications

ViviGen® MIS

ViviGen MIS Cellular Bone Matrix Delivery System provides a complete bone grafting and delivery solution for surgeons performing minimally invasive operations. By providing pre-filled cannulae and sterile packaged delivery dispenser, surgeons are offered a system designed to improve efficiency, reliability, and precision in an MIS environment.

Rapid Graft Delivery: Three minutes to deliver three pre-filled cannulae of ViviGen to surgical site.1

Scrub Tech Efficiency: Five minutes to thaw frozen, pre-filled cannulae, eliminating time and effort necessary to pack bone funnel.2

Single Use: Reduces direct handling of graft material during preparation and delivery to surgical site.

Optimized for MIS Procedures: Flexible, plastic 8x200 mm cannulae are designed for MIS procedures and enable single-hand delivery.

Osteogenic: Native, viable, lineage-committed bone cells within the corticocancellous chips are able to proliferate in vitro post cryopreservation and thaw.2

Osteoconductive: Corticocancellous chips provide a natural scaffold for cell attachment, cell migration, and cell proliferation.2

Osteoinductive: Demineralization of the cortical bone exposes the natural growth factors within the matrix.2

Clinical Application

Minimally-invasive/less-invasive fusion procedures (TLIF, PLIF, Midline Cortical, MidLif, mini-open and Wiltse)


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