OsteoCleanse Technology

OsteoCleanse™ offers an easy to use, turn-key solution for the removal, cleaning, and storage of autologous tissue while affording the patient the benefit of having their own bone re-implanted. OsteoCleanse is the first and only process of its kind specifically designed for autologous tissue. Based on the patented and proven Allowash® technologies, OsteoCleanse offers a safe and effective alternative to current methods of handling autologous tissue.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Treatment of Osteomyelitic Bone Following Cranial Vault Reconstruction With Delayed Reimplantation of Sterilized Autologous Bone: A Novel Technique for Cranial Reconstruction in the Pediatric Patient
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Salvage of Contaminated Cranial Bone Flap Autografts Using OsteoCleanse™: Pilot Study Case Reports
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Salvage of Cranial Flap Autografts Using OsteoCleanse™
Gatin M, Neubauer P, Osborne D, Kuhn C, Bergevin M, Eisenlohr L. Abstract – Cell Tissue Bank. 2010; 11: 155-172