ViviGen CMF Case Studies

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ViviGen can be used in a variety of craniomaxillofacial procedures and in the most challenging patients to provide successful clinical outcomes. 

Treatment of Severe Mandibular Hypoplasia using ViviGen Formable® Cellular Bone Matrix combined with Custom Intraoral Guides and Plates in Two Patients

Case performed by: David Alfi, MD, DDS, Kevin Coppelson MD, DDS, Jennifer P. Caroline MD, DDS, Michael F. Huang, MD, DDS, Houston, TX, USA  Article in Review



Mandibular reconstruction using ViviGen Formable® Cellular Bone Matrix following ameloblastoma resection.

Case performed by: George M Kushner, DMD, MD, James M Harlan, DDS, MD, Gregory A Way, DMD, MD; Louisville, KY, USA

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Surgical Repair of a Mandibular Angle Fracture with Fibrous Union Using ViviGen® Cellular Bone Matrix

Case performed by: Brian Smith DMD, MD; Kaushik H. Sharma, BDS, DMD; Weronika Bluma, DMD, Camden, NJ, USA

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