Costal Cartilage

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications

Costal Catilage is taken from the rib, and ideal for nasal and ear reconstruction

  • LifeNet Health's patented Allowash® technology provides a sterility assurance level of 10-6 
  • Comprised of hyaline cartilage that is remodeled naturally during the healing process
  • Provides biomechanical strenght requirements for intended use
  • Allows physician to select appropriate graft for clinical procedure
  • Easy to trim and shape to perfectly fit any surgical need
Clinical Application
  • Nasal Reconstruction
  • Ear Reconstruction
Frozen Description Sizing
CCART30 Costal Cartilage L: 30 - 59 mm; D: ≥ 7 mm, W: ≥ 7 mm
CCART60 Costal Cartilage L: 60 - 90 mm; D: ≥ 7 mm; W; ≥ 7 mm