Organ and Tissue Donor Referral Toolkit

This Organ and Tissue Donor Referral Toolkit includes a variety of teaching tools and instructional resources intended to help providers implement a comprehensive educational program about the organ and tissue donor referral process.

At the end of this educational program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify when it is appropriate to make a referral call to organ procurement organization for organ or tissue donation based on clinical triggers
  • State the time frame in which all referral calls to the organ procurement organization must be made
  • Identify the appropriate organ procurement organization or donation agency to contact to make a referral.
  • Review the responsibilities of donation agency and healthcare facility in the referral process 
  • Explain the impact of organ and tissue donation and transplantation as a result of the donor referral call


Toolkit Contents

This toolkit can be used for both clinical and non-clinical staff to explore the process and legal requirements of the donation process. A lesson plan is provided for those who wish to view this educational program as it incorporates all resources from the toolkit. This lesson plan includes time requirements, instructional notes, ideas for learning management system implementation, and more!




Additional Resources and Stories of Donation

The federal government and the United Network for Organ sharing provide a wealth of information about organ donation, including up-to-date statistics and other resources that can support discussions about the impact of donation on both donor families and recipients. In addition, the video stories linked below provide first-person perspective on how donation changes lives. 


For More Information

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