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The World's Most-Advanced ADM for Wounds

Dermacell AWM®

Dermacell AWM is a technologically advanced human acellular dermal matrix that is decellularized using Matracell®, a proprietary, patented, and validated processing technology. Matracell removes a minimum of 97% of donor DNA, allowing for rapid cellular infiltration and re-vascularization. Dermacell AWM is terminally sterilized, ready to use without refrigeration or re-hydration.


Matrion is the first decellularized, full-thickness placental membrane designed to act as a protective barrier to support wound healing. Unlike bi-layer Placental Membranes, Matrion includes a decellularized trophoblast layer. The trophoblast layer is up to four times thicker than both the amniotic and chorionic membranes and includes native biologic factors that are missing in traditional bi-layer membranes.