AngioGraft® Femoral Artery/Vein

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications


AngioGraft Femoral Artery or Vein is a cryopreserved human allograft used to bypass narrowed or blocked vessels for PVD/CABG procedures or as an AV access conduit for hemodialysis.

  • Human Tissue: Closely resembles autograft; compliant, flexible, easy to handle and suture. An alternative for patients lacking available autologous tissue.
  • Resistant to Infection: Natural ability to resist infection.1,2,3
  • Convenient: Availability in various sizes to best fit the patient’s anatomy.
Clinical Application
  • Patients with a limited number of AV access sites
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) bypass graft
  • Patients with an active infection or at risk for infection
  • Pediatric cardiac shunt or valved conduit
  • AV access graft for dialysis patients in whom an arteriovenous fistula is not possible
  • Replacement for an infected AV access graft
Cryopreserved Description Sizing
FA21-30 Femoral Artery L = 21-30 cm
FA<21 Femoral Artery L ≤ 21 cm
FA>30 Femoral Artery L ≥ 30 cm
FV21-30 Femoral Vein L = 21-30 cm
FV<21 Femoral Vein L ≤ 21 cm
FV>30 Femoral Vein L ≥ 30 cm