Cotton and Evans Osteotomy Wedges

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SymAlign Evans and Cotton Osteotomy wedges are intended for use in foot procedures. The wedges are sourced from cancellous bone from the femoral heads and condyles, talus and calcaneus, which have been determined to have appropriate strength for these procedures.2 This, along with specific donor and graft selection criteria, ensures the high density and optimized strength necessary to maintain the deformity correction during impaction as well as throughout the healing/incorporation process.

  • First and only textured allograft foot wedge designed to resist migration3
  • Stringent donor and graft selection ensures high density and optimized strength to maintain deformity correction4
  • Sterility without mechanical compromise protects the graft’s inherent osteoconductive properties5
  • Osteoconductive matrix optimized for cell attachment and proliferation6
  • Pre-hydrated SymAlign grafts maintain compressive strength and increase intra-operative efficiency1
Clinical Application

Evans Wedge Osteotomy and Cotton Wedge Osteotomy


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