Trauma & Extremities

Surgical needs during trauma and extremity reconstruction procedures can vary depending on the severity of injury, deformity and/or the patient’s native bone quality. Our portfolio offers a wide variety of sizes and can be combined with our osteobiologics portfolio to provide a truly complete solution. 


ViviGen is the first and only cryopreserved cellular allograft focused on protecting and maintaining lineage committed bone cells. ViviGen is being utilized in fusion, non-union, and malunion for foot/ankle or long bone trauma in patients with compromised biology. ViviGen outperforms MSC-based cellular allografts and is equivalent to autograft in ankle fusion.


PliaFX is 100% bone fibers, demineralized to encourage bone formation and healing. The fibers interlock, allowing the graft to become moldable upon rehydration without the use of a carrier.


SymAlign is the first and only textured allograft foot wedge designed specifically to resist migration and subsidence. Stringent donor and graft selection ensures high density and strength to maintain deformity correction in Cotton and Evans osteotomies.