Death by Neurological Criteria

Visit the Cleveland Clinic’s portal for Death by Neurological Criteria.

The portal gives you access to the Death by Neurological Criteria (DNC) course, which explains how to properly assess evidence of cerebral function in patients in a coma. It outlines the accepted medical standards for determining DNC and details the elements included in the clinical examination.

The course provides the tools to effectively diagnose a patient dead by neurological criteria. It also gives you information about how to properly discuss DNC with the families of your patients.

This is a free and voluntary online course that is part of a research study approved by the Cleveland Clinic Institutional Review Board. The purpose of the research is to study the effectiveness of this course in improving knowledge and comfort with this topic and to identify areas for further improvement of the course.

The data that you submit while registering for and completing the course is collected in a secure database maintained behind a firewall. This data will be de-identified by a member of the technical team at the Center for Online Medical Education and Training (COMET) and then provided to the research team for analysis in aggregate.