ViviGen MIS

LifeNet Health’s ViviGen MIS optimizes leading cellular allograft for minimally invasive procedures

Boston, Mass. (Sept. 28, 2021) — LifeNet Health, the world leader in allograft biologics, has optimized its industry-leading cellular bone matrix for minimally invasive surgery with the launch of ViviGen® MIS Delivery System, a major improvement in precision, efficiency and reliability over traditional bone-graft delivery.

ViviGen MIS is the latest addition to the ViviGen family of cellular allografts, the first and only cellular biologics focused on recovering and protecting lineage-committed bone cells. The new delivery system offers a simple delivery method that is up to three-times faster than existing solutions like bone funnels.

“ViviGen MIS brings graft delivery for minimally invasive procedures into the 21st Century,” said Rony Thomas, President and CEO of LifeNet Health. “It is a quantum leap forward that combines the clinical advantages of ViviGen with a fast, consistent delivery experience that eliminates one of the lingering challenges in MIS procedures. We are proud to bring this exciting solution to clinicians to support their patients’ healing.”

The ViviGen MIS system includes two single-use components: a pre-filled cannula containing the graft material and an easy-to-use delivery device. The convenience of a pre-filled cannula removes the difficulty and inconsistency associated with other bone graft-delivery options. The system facilitates rapid thawing of the graft, and it takes mere seconds to attach a cannula to the delivery device. ViviGen MIS is indicated for spine and orthopedic procedures requiring a bone graft.

Since its launch in 2014, ViviGen has grown into the world’s leading cellular allograft, having been implanted in nearly 200,000 patients. It is comprised of cryopreserved, cortical cancellous bone matrix containing viable bone cells and demineralized bone to provide the three critical elements for bone healing — osteoconductivity, osteoinductivity and osteogenecity — that make ViviGen a viable alternative to autograft.

A growing body of published data illustrates the clinical advantages of ViviGen. Studies have shown that it supports fusion rates as high as 98 percent even in complex, multi-level fusions while also being associated with significantly lower hospital charges than other grafting solutions. Learn more at