How to Order

How to Order

How to Order LifeNet Health Allograft Bio-Implants

Health care facilities, approved distributors and authorized tissue dispensing intermediaries are permitted to order allograft bio-implants from LifeNet Health.  Only licensed clinical professionals may actually transplant tissue.

Orders for customers outside of the U.S. may be placed by phone, fax or email at A valid purchase order number must be provided for all orders. All phone calls to LifeNet Health's Client Services department are recorded for quality control purposes. (Note: For U.S. customer orders, please contact

Title to LifeNet Health products passes from LifeNet Health to the customer once the shipment leaves our facility.

Transportation of LifeNet Health Allograft Bio-Implants

All LifeNet Health Bio-Implants (except CardioGraft and AngioGraft cryopreserved) will be shipped either Fed Ex Priority or UPS Worldwide Express and customer will be charged for each shipment.

Cryopreserved CardioGraft and AngioGraft allograft bio-implants will be shipped by special courier services and courier fee will be charged for each cryoshipper. Return of the empty cryoshipper will be handled and coordinated by LifeNet  Health.

Return Policy

LifeNet Health does not allow for the return of unused allograft bio-implants.  For information about returning damaged allograft tissue, please contact LifeNet Health Client Services at 1-757-464-4761 ext. 2000.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Payments are due prior to shipment unless otherwise stated. Payments are due in US dollars only. Allowable forms of payment are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or wire transfer. Account statements are sent monthly to all accounts as a reminder of outstanding payments due.  For any payment questions or information, please call 1-757-464-4761 ext. 4444 or email

Please mail all payments to:

LifeNet Health
P.O. Box 79636
Baltimore, MD 21279-0636

LifeNet Health Vendor Information


LifeNet Health, Inc.
Address: 1864 Concert Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Phone: 1-757-464-4761 ext. 2000
Fax: 757-301-6578


How to Order
How to Order