Transplant Services, Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)

Facilitating Organ Donation in Virginia as a Leading OPO

LifeNet Health is the federally designated Organ Procurement Organization that facilitates organ donation across most of Virginia, as well as Morgan, Jefferson, and Berkeley counties in West Virginia. We collaborate with hundreds of community partners – including hospitals, medical examiner offices, law enforcement, transplant centers, and others – to make transplantation a reality as a leading OPO.

There is a critical shortage of organs for transplant in Virginia and nationwide. One donor can save up to nine lives – making a difference for the 100,000-plus Americans who are on the national transplant waiting list. LifeNet Health is committed to doing our part to resolve this crisis. A key focus is educating the public and encouraging everyone to consider signing up as a donor.

Transplantable organs include the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, intestine, and pancreas. The greatest need is for kidneys.

Working with community partners, LifeNet Health has helped increase donation. Over the past five years our efforts have contributed to:

  • 58% increase in the number of donors
  • 28% increase in the number of transplanted organs

LifeNet Health also facilitates tissue transplantation from donors in Virginia, Florida, and the Pacific Northwest. Transplantable tissues include ligaments, tendons, heart valves, veins, nerves, skin, and bones.

Learn more about the counties covered through the LifeNet Health service area.

Our Role

  • Registering donors – These efforts focus on educating and engaging our communities. We partner with Donate Life Virginia, the organization that manages the Virginia Donor Registry for organ, eye, and tissue donation.
  • Building relationships with hospitals – We maintain partnership with more than 70 hospitals in our service area.
  • Supporting families – We evaluate family needs and offer support, grounded on empathy and respect.
  • Coordinating donor care – We medically manage donors and ensure there are recipients that can potentially be matched with each lifesaving gift, working with transplant centers across the country through the United Network for Organ Sharing.
  • Recovery of donor gifts – We support transplant surgeons and work to ensure the viability of each precious gift.

Our History

We got our start as the Eastern Virginia Tissue Bank, operating out of a small office in Virginia Beach, in 1982. In 1999, we merged our tissue banking services with the Virginia Organ Procurement Organization to create one unified organization, operating under the name LifeNet. In 2007, we became LifeNet Health.

OPO Locations

LifeNet Health – Global Headquarters
1864 Concert Drive
Virginia Beach, VA

3609 Saunders Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227

1306 Plantation Road NE
Roanoke, VA 24012 

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Transplant Services, Organ Procurement Organization (OPO)