Compassion Fatigue Clinical Education Webinar

Join LifeNet Health on Wednesday, March 3, for our Compassion Fatigue: Reclaim the Joy of Caring webinar program at 7 am PT/ 10 am ET.

Reclaim the Joy of Caring is a skill-building program offered by LifeNet Health, dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the ability to identify the symptoms of compassion fatigue and strategies to overcome burnout. Participants will learn how to set boundaries and goals to break the compassion fatigue cycle. Not only does compassion fatigue affect the workplace environment by decreasing productivity and increasing turnover, it also affects overall job satisfaction as well as emotional and physical health.

This program offers 1 CE for registered nurses.


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Program Objectives

  • Gain a theoretical understanding of the history and causes of compassion fatigue and burnout in order to identify personal risk factors & symptoms, as well as their personal and professional impact.
  • Be able to discern healthy vs. unhealthy caregiving.
  • Identify the challenges of thwarting compassion fatigue and the strengths that enable the individual to minimize burnout.
  • Identify methods to incorporate learnable skills, a self-care plan, prevention, and interventional strategies to enhance resilience and healthy change.

About the Presenter

Karin Frosio, National Director of Donor Development at LifeNet Health, is a healthcare leader
with over 30 years of experience in the education and healthcare sectors. She is a Certified Grief Counselor, and is EQi-2.0 certified in the field of Emotional Intelligence.