CardioGraft® Aortic Valve

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Instructions for Use
Product Specifications

CardioGraft® Aortic Valve

CardioGraft® Aortic Valve
A human aortic valve for aortic valve replacement

  • Allograft tissue most closely resembles the patient’s native tissue
  • The use of human tissue alleviates the need for anticoagulants
  • Effective orifice area closely approximates the native valve
  • Anterior mitral leaflet retained for use in endocarditis/abscess reconstruction
  • Availability in various sizes to best fit the patient’s anatomy
  • Safety: Allografts offer a high resistance to infection


Clinical Application

Aortic Valve Replacement

Cryopreserved Description Sizing
HVA-S Aortic Heart Valve D ≤ 16 mm
HVA-M Aortic Heart Valve D = 17 - 21 mm
HVA-L Aortic Heart Valve D ≥ 22 mm
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