CardioGraft® Pulmonary Artery (non valved)

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Product Specifications

CardioGraft® Pulmonary Artery (non valved)

CardioGraft® Pulmonary Artery (non valved)
Cryopreserved human pulmonary artery conduit with no leaflets used for pulmonary reconstruction

  • Natural ability to resist infection1,2,3
  • Alleviates the need for anticoagulation therapy4
  • Reduced thrombosis potential3
  • Allografts most closely resemble native tissue, making them compliant, flexible and easy to handle
Clinical Application

Tetralogy of Fallot, Pulmonary Atresia, Truncus Arteriosis, Transposition of the Great Arteries

Cryopreserved Description Sizing
PAS Pulmonary Artery (non-valved) D ≤ 16 mm
PAM Pulmonary Artery (non-valved) D = 17 - 21 mm
PAL Pulmonary Artery (non-valved) D ≥ 22 mm