Matracell Decellularization Technology

Matracell Decellularization Technology

Soft-tissue grafts, such as dermis and cardiovascular tissue contain donor cells that can elicit an inflammatory reaction, limiting the effectiveness and long-term durability of the graft. Tissue treated with LifeNet Health's patented and validated Matracell technology process negates that risk by yielding a strong, acellular scaffold that facilitates cell proliferation, cell migration and vascularization.

Matracell technology has been shown to to decellularize dermis, resulting in >99 donor DNA removal in cardiac tissue. In fact, only tissue processed with Matracell technology meets the threshold of being truly decellularized, thereby minimizing the possibility of an immune response. Not all decellularization processes meet the definition. Evidence suggests that <50ng dsDNA per mg ECM dry weight of residual DNA satisfies the intent of decellularization.1

Histology Demonstrates the Thorough Removal of Cellular Content from Pulmonary Artery Tissue
H&E staining demonstrates that cellular content (Blue/Purple stain) is completely removed following decellularization, leaving behind only the components of the extracellular matrix (Pink stain).



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