Partnering With Virginia Hospitals to Create Donor Memorials

Donor memorials help honor those who have given life and hope to so many others. They provide comfort to families along with the assurance that their loved ones will never be forgotten. Within our communities, they inspire us with the reminder that anyone can be a hero. For those waiting for a transplant, they provide hope.

The LifeNet Health Foundation is proud to support Virginia hospitals by funding donor memorials. The Foundation considers grant requests of up to $8,000. Hospitals are encouraged to match funds if possible, either directly or through other contributions, to enable sizable memorials that provide a community education component.

The LifeNet Health Foundation is accepting donor memorial applications now through Feb. 10, 2023.

Criteria to Qualify for Grant Consideration

  • The hospital must be within the LifeNet Health OPO designated service area.
  • The donor memorial should be in a high traffic area to increase awareness about donation in the community. Use of donor names (with family consent) is encouraged, along with a process for adding new names.
  • The hospital must commit to an annual recognition of organ, eye, and tissue donors for at least the next five years.

To learn more about this opportunity, hospital staff should reach out to their facility’s LifeNet Health Regional Hospital Development Coordinator.