ViviGen MIS

ViviGen® MIS, the first and only viable bone allograft delivery system, is now available for trauma procedures

Breakthrough technology from LifeNet Health revolutionizes the delivery of allografts in minimally invasive surgeries, optimizing patient outcomes in surgery

Las Vegas, Nev. (March 8, 2023) — ViviGen MIS, the world’s only viable bone matrix to provide lineage-committed bone cells, is now available for use in trauma procedures. As the first cellular allograft optimized for minimally invasive surgeries, this new delivery system – which has been used effectively in MIS spine procedures – revolutionizes the way cellular allografts are delivered in minimally invasive surgery.

ViviGen MIS includes both a pre-filled cannula and a sterile delivery device. This device allows ViviGen, a viable bone allograft, to be delivered with efficiency, reliability, and precision while maintaining exceptional clinical outcomes. ViviGen MIS is provided by LifeNet Health, the world leader in allograft biologics.

“We are thrilled to be launching ViviGen MIS for trauma procedures at AAOS alongside DePuy Synthes,” said Rich Rice, Vice President, Orthopedics & CMF at LifeNet Health. “We know this product will have an impact on trauma surgeries, and we look forward to sharing with clinicians how these solutions can bring unsurpassed results to their patients and unrivaled efficiency to their procedures.”

In a comparison study with a bone graft funnel, ViviGen MIS offered substantially better graft preparation and delivery performance resulting in a more than 3x faster total procedure time. ViviGen MIS was the preferred delivery device in terms of ergonomics, ease of use, complications with delivery of the graft material, ease of positioning the delivery device, and the exactness of graft delivery to the intended location.1

Published data illustrates the clinical advantages of ViviGen. Studies have shown that it supports fusion rates as high as 98 percent even in complex, multi-level fusions while also being associated with significantly lower hospital charges than other grafting solutions.3-5

Clinicians can learn more about ViviGen MIS at the 2023 American Association of Orthopeadic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting March 8-10 in Las Vegas. AAOS attendees will have the opportunity to experience the speed and precision of the delivery device in a carefully designed handling station at LifeNet Health’s booth, #4018.

LifeNet Health is also showcasing its portfolio of allograft biologics for orthopedic surgeries at AAOS — including the ViviGen portfolio of solutions, FlexiGraft® pre-sutured constructs, ArthroFlex® acellular dermal matrix, PliaFX® Prime moldable demineralized fibers, SymAlign® osteotomy wedges, and fresh osteochondral allografts.

The full portfolio and the data supporting their outcomes can be found at




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