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Shaping Tomorrow's Innovators: LifeNet Health's Educational Partnership Ignites Student Passion in Life Science

A Groundbreaking Collaboration with Virginia Bioscience Foundation opens Landstown High School Students to Careers in the Expanding Field of Life Sciences

March 11, 2024 (Virginia Beach, VA.) – LifeNet Health, a global leader in regenerative medicine, recently collaborated with AP biology students at Landstown High School to offer hands-on learning experiences with human tissue and cellular solutions. This initiative is part of the Life Sciences Virginia pilot program, which aims to foster interest in life science careers among students and cultivate a talent pipeline for Virginia's growing life sciences industry.

LifeNet Health has played a foundational role in this program, which in conjunction with the Virginia Bioscience Foundation and partially funded by GO Virginia, is tailored to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students across various facets of life sciences, including research and development, medical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics.
“LifeNet Health values our significant role in this pathbreaking program and we take pride in knowing we are a fundamental touchpoint in the ongoing growth of regional STEM students,” said Rony Thomas, CEO, LifeNet Health. “As a global leader in regenerative medicine and life sciences, we are determined to help grow the next generation of award-winning scientists. Our work with these dedicated students ensures a very bright future for life sciences in Virginia.”  

During Landstown’s most recent visit to LifeNet Health, students participated in a hands-on laboratory experience that mirrors real-world scientific research. Divided into teams, they were tasked with incubating cells, a process that demands precision, patience, and finesse. The exercise simulated real research environments, fostering collaboration, igniting creativity, and fueling scientific curiosity. This engagement builds upon previous activities including a tour of LifeNet Health's operations, where students gained insights into organ procurement, tissue banking, and human cell cultures. Additionally, LifeNet Health scientists shared personal stories with the students about their career paths, obstacles overcome, and keys to success in the workplace.

“We are excited to have LifeNet Health take the lead with Landstown High School in a pilot program to learn how industry scientists can engage with students to build interest in life science careers,” said Jim Powers, Chairman of the Virginia Bioscience Foundation and former CEO of HemoShear Therapeutics.  “Virginia’s life science industry is growing rapidly, and we need talent at all levels to help our companies and institutions succeed.  We know that this sort of real-world experience with scientists at an early age can impact students' choices about their future studies and careers.”

The ultimate goal of the Life Science Virginia program is to develop a sustainable statewide initiative that pairs industry and government scientists with high school and middle school students, particularly in underrepresented areas, to promote life science studies and careers. Led by LifeNet Health and Hampton Roads GO Virginia Region 5, the pilot program also includes a collaboration with The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services and Varina High School in the GO Virginia Region 4 Richmond area. This multi-pronged approach aims to broaden access to life science education and opportunities for students across Virginia.


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