LifeNet Health unveils platform to revolutionize custom allograft ordering

Virginia Beach, Va. (Dec. 9, 2020) — LifeNet Health, the global leader in sports medicine biologic solutions, today launched a new web portal that makes ordering custom-matched, highly specialized “fresh” osteochondral allografts (OCAs) easy. The platform will be featured Dec. 10-12 in LifeNet Health’s exhibit at the 2020 Orthopedic Summit and Emerging Technologies (OSET) virtual conference.

Fresh osteochondral allografts are the standard of care for cartilage repair, but traditionally, finding the right OCA for patients with cartilage defects has been LifeNet Health fresh osteochondral allograft websitecumbersome and time-consuming, with technical and clinical information being exchanged across multiple people and platforms. LifeNet Health’s portal fundamentally shifts that reality by creating a unified hub for order submission and communication.

“For years, clinicians and their staff have been forced to spend precious time coordinating the delivery of the graft, the case date, and the instruments,” said Stephen Lingeman, General Manager of Global Sports Medicine for LifeNet Health. “We designed this system from the ground up to revolutionize the customer experience and bring a new level of simplicity for both clinicians and their staff.”

The new platform allows customers to place an order and receive real-time status updates without ever needing to speak to a representative. Customers also can share timely updates in the system to notify all involved parties simultaneously, with no need for phone calls to coordinate logistics. Early-access users who piloted the platform during the fall praised its simplicity, ease of use, and instant communication.

“Our allograft solutions are designed for efficiency and effectiveness. We applied that same philosophy when designing a portal to bring unrivaled simplicity to what was, before now, a complex and challenging process,” said Daniel Osborne, Vice President of Global Marketing and Commercial Strategy. “This portal gives clinicians an easy way to get the right graft they need to help their patients heal.”

At OSET, LifeNet Health also is featuring its recently launched QuadLink™ construct, the first-ever pre-sutured quadriceps tendon, as well as ArthroFlexÒ, the gold standard for rotator cuff repair and Superior Capsule Reconstruction (SCR).

Learn more at, or visit LifeNet Health’s virtual exhibit (booth 416) at OSET.

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