LifeNet Health is reimagining wound healing with Matrion, the first fully intact and complete placental membrane

Virginia Beach, Va. (Nov. 4, 2020) — LifeNet Health, the global leader in regenerative medicine biologics, is creating new possibilities in patient care with MatrionTM, a breakthrough decellularized placental membrane for wound healing. Currently in limited release with select surgeons in the U.S., Matrion will be available nationally in early 2021.

Unlike most other placental membrane solutions, Matrion keeps all three layers of the placenta — including the trophoblast layer — fully intact from recovery to application, protecting the robust extracellular matrix as well as the native growth factors and other proteins. Since the trophoblast layer is up to four times thicker than the amnion or chorion alone, it also reduces the likelihood of the graft adhering to itself during placement. The result is a full-thickness allograft biologic that supports remarkable healing and provides exceptional handling.

“For years, clinicians have been forced to compromise when it comes to the placental graft they choose for their patients,” said Mike Falcon, Vice President and General Manager of Wound Management and Surgical Reconstruction for LifeNet Health. “We designed Matrion to protect the natural growth factors and strong structural matrix while resolving the handling challenges that are inherent in most placental grafts. Finally, there is a solution that requires no compromises and provides better patient care.”

Thanks to LifeNet Health’s Matracell® technology, Matrion is the first to provide the complete, decellularized trophoblast layer, which has been shown to contain up to 50 percent of the endogenous growth factors present in placental tissue.1 Matracell renders the membrane acellular without compromising its biomechanical properties and maintains the growth factors while creating a porous structure to support neovascularization. It also ensures an additional level of safety with a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, the same standard as medical devices used in surgery.

Matrion is indicated as a protective barrier membrane for covering diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, dehisced surgical wounds, and traumatic burns. It joins Dermacell AWM® — proven to support healing of even complex wounds in as little as one application ­­­— to provide clinicians with the most advanced biologic solutions for wound healing.

“We are very pleased to launch Matrion, which emphasizes LifeNet Health’s long tradition of delivering innovative and technologically advanced grafts in the growing field of biologics,” said LifeNet Health President and CEO Rony Thomas. “Matrion is a new generation placental graft that meets every critical need of the physician and complements LifeNet Health’s Dermacell®, the world’s leading skin graft for wound and soft tissue repair.”