LifeNet Health launches unique, life-saving vascular allograft

Virginia Beach, Va. — March 19, 2018 — LifeNet Health today announced the launch of AngioGraft® Aortoiliac Artery, the first aortoiliac allograft that provides surgeons with pressurized sizing in addition to traditional flaccid measurements.

Offering both measurements allows surgeons to select the graft that best fits their patient’s anatomy, saving valuable operating time by avoiding intraoperative modifications. AngioGraft Aortoiliac Artery also is the first allograft of its kind to be available in three configurations, tailored to surgical techniques. These advances represent a measurable advantage over traditional aortic repair solutions by helping simplify surgery — saving crucial time during these critical, often life-saving procedures.

“The pressurized diameter was accurate and was an excellent fit for my patient,” said Rafael Malgor, MD, RPVI, FACS, a vascular surgeon with Sentara Vascular Specialists in Norfolk, Va. “Having this measurement in advance will help save valuable time in the operating room.”

AngioGraft Aortiliac Artery grafts can be implanted in cases of infection in the patient’s native aorta or in a previously implanted synthetic graft. Allografts are relied upon in these life-threatening cases due to human tissue’s natural resistance to infection. Patients undergoing aortic reconstruction experience lower levels of morbidity and mortality when treated using allograft aortoiliac arteries, according to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Arteries distend under arterial pressure, but the amount of distention varies from person to person. This can lead to graft-to-patient mismatch when allografts are measured only in the flaccid state, requiring clinicians to estimate the pressurized size. LifeNet Health’s patent-pending method of recovering, preparing and pressurizing grafts to arterial pressure eliminates that guesswork.

“This graft was developed with the acute nature of these procedures in mind,” said Daniel Osborne, LifeNet Health’s Vice President of Global Marketing. “We heard from clinicians about the challenges they face in aortic reconstruction, and we are proud to bring them a graft with greater precision to help them save the lives of critically ill patients.”

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