National Donate Life Month

LifeNet Health Celebrates Selfless Donors During National Donate Life Month

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (April 7, 2021) — While in college, Curt Holland was diagnosed with a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – or as Curt put it, he had a “big fat heart.” At first it didn’t slow him down, but by the time he was 50, he began getting fatigued more easily. Everything from exercising to simply checking the mail was becoming more challenging. He needed a heart transplant.

Five months later, he received the call that saved his life. An organ donor's selfless decision to give meant he had the perfect match for a new heart. Now, following the transplant, Curt is back to doing the things he loves, and daily activities are no longer a challenge.

Holland is one of the countless recipients marking National Donate Life Month this April with restored life and hope thanks to the gifts they’ve received. Donate Life Month is held annually to share awareness of organ, eye and tissue donation and to honor the selfless donors who chose to give.

“I knew that I had just received the perfect gift from someone who didn’t even know me, a gift that brought with it the possibility of a better life,” Holland said.

Today, more than 108,000 Americans are waiting for transplants that could save or restore their lives. Registering as a donor takes only minutes, but has the potential to make a lifelong – or live-saving – impact on countless others. One donor can save nine lives through organ donation and restore the health of more than 150 through tissue donation. LifeNet Health is encouraging everyone to register as a donor this April and to also share the decision with loved ones.

“Donate Life Month is about reflecting each day in April on the tremendous gift that donors and their families have provided not only to recipients, but to us all,” said Rony Thomas, LifeNet Health president and CEO. “We all have the power to provide hope to someone in need, whether by registering as a donor or by simply spreading the word about the importance of this gift. This April, we hope you are able to take these small steps to give tremendous hope.”

LifeNet Health is the world's most trusted provider of transplant solutions, from organ procurement to new innovations to bio-implant technologies and cellular therapies - a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, while always honoring the donors and healthcare professionals that allow the healing process.

For more information about tissue, organ and cornea donation and to register as a donor, go to You can also sign up to be a donor the next time you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.