LifeNet Health’s LifeSciences Division features biologically precise research solutions at Society of Toxicology – TOX EXPO

LifeNet Health’s LifeSciences Division features biologically precise research solutions at Society of Toxicology – TOX EXPO
Visit booth 1661 to learn about biologically relevant human tissue, cells and services for research and scientific investigation

Virginia Beach, Va. – March 13, 2018 — LifeNet Health’s LifeSciences Division (Booth 1661) will highlight its unique capabilities for providing human biospecimens, primary cells and cell-based assay services at Society of Toxicology's 57th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo.

LifeNet Health’s extensive quality programs enhance data, standardize cell preparation and ultimately minimize potential negative impacts on cell health and performance. LifeNet Health’s attendees include leading scientists in the fields of cell isolation, research and culture models.

SOT visitors also will be introduced to LifeNet Health’s emerging primary-cell models. These in vitro models enable investigators the ability to explore human cell-based toxicology experiments.

“Human cell-based model systems better correlate with human biology and more accurately predict chemical and pharmaceutical product toxicity,” said Jingsong Chen, MD, General Manager of the LifeSciences Division. “High quality human primary cells enable scientists to obtain more relevant study data to better understand and predict human response to drug candidates and new chemicals.”

LifeNet Health’s vast network of research-tissue donors offers unparalleled resources to biomedical scientists, including a wide range of donor demographics and disease conditions such as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

The LifeSciences Division is focused on innovative, technology-driven preclinical research programs. The result of this effort is a human tissue- and cell-based in vitro biology platform, supported by vertically integrated recovery and preparation processes. This program serves the growing need for human biospecimens, primary cells and hepatocytes for scientific research, drug discovery and safety testing.

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