A Nurse Experiences, Firsthand, the Impact of Tissue Donation

Stacey DeMaranville| Tissue Recipient

“I am so thankful for my donor family for giving to others during their time of loss. Their sacrifice isn’t taken lightly. (It) allows me to continue taking care of others and continue my nursing career.”
–Stacey DeMaranville, RN, tissue recipient

Stacey DeMaranville says nursing runs in her blood and that she never considered any other career. This passion sprung from her mother, who also was a nurse and raised her children to always give back and help others.

Stacey has had a successful career in health care, from a traveling nurse to her present position as a director in the Women and Children’s Services division at Valley Medical Center. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and staying active with her boyfriend and 11-year-old daughter.

In 2004, just a couple years into her nursing career, Stacey experienced a knee injury while skiing. She knew something was wrong immediately upon impact. As the reality of her injury set in, she began thinking about how she couldn’t afford to be out of work for an extended period of time.

Tests showed Stacey had torn her ACL. Her surgeon suggested an allograft tendon as the best option to repair the damage. To her pleasant surprise, Stacey experienced a rapid, two-week recovery and was soon back on the hospital floor caring for patients.

Since then, Stacey has realized even further the power of tissue donation. Most notably, she witnessed the donation of an infant's cornea and became an even stronger advocate, educating her team members on donation referrals for newborns and fetal deaths. This helped them understand the quick action needed in order to create a silver lining from these tragedies, one that could save lives and give hope to those in need of it.

During the process of tissue donation, nurses can often:

  • See the benefits of tissue donation come full circle — from donation to transplantation
  • Work with the tissue bank, health care facility and doctors to help strengthen donation programs
  • Provide emotional support for potential donors and their families