Living the Best Life in Honor of Donor's Legacy

David Hartley | ACL Recipient
David Hartley

David Hartley is a high school and college teacher, a motorcycle enthusiast and a tissue recipient.  A few years ago, a motorcycle accident left David with a debilitating ACL tear. This changed David’s life. He longed for the active lifestyle which was his former “normal” and wondered if he would have the opportunity to regain the life he once had.

Understanding his surgery and recovery options, David only considered intervention where he could receive another person’s ACL through a donor donation. A friend recommended an orthopedic surgeon who happened to do these types of surgeries using only donor tissue. David took his friend’s recommendation and had the procedure done.

Today, his wish to return to an active lifestyle has been granted. He is back on his feet, active and thankful for another chance to live the life he previously had.

"Receiving donor tissue has given me a sense of responsibility to live the best I can with my gift, in order to move the donor’s legacy forward," David said.

On the one year anniversary of his surgery, he spent the day hiking around Mount Rainier, celebrating his new knee and his donor’s generosity. 

He says, “Being a tissue and organ donor is one of the most selfless things someone can do.”

David takes every opportunity to educate others on the importance of tissue donation, and how it can greatly enhance the lives of others. He is back on his motorcycle and enjoying each day.