He was a Giver Who Enjoyed Life to the Fullest

Robert "Bob" LeRoy Kay|Tissue Donor
“Bob was a giver in life, and in death, still giving. He loved and enjoyed life fully.”
Jo Schumacher, Bob’s wife
Robert “Bob” Kay was an adventurer and traveler who was passionate about flying and the outdoors. He spent his career as a pilot for the military and the Boeing Company, continuing to fly in a general aviation aircraft upon his retirement.
On March 10, 2014, Bob died unexpectedly due to cardiac arrest, with his feet propped up, watching the evening news with a glass of wine by his side, wearing one of his favorite aviation caps.
Throughout his life, Bob was always looking for his next adventure or someone to help. He especially enjoyed flying into backcountry airstrips for camping, hiking and fly fishing, or skiing powder on Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain in the winter months. Fearless in his own adventures, Bob encouraged his wife, Jo, to accomplish things she never considered doing, such as earning her pilot’s license, graduating from college and learning to ski.
Bob was a registered donor before his death, and Jo knew of his wish to donate. To date, Bob’s tissues, including tendon, ligament, skin and bone gifts, have helped 58 people. Bob was also able to give the gift of sight to two women through the donation of his corneas.
Jo is also a registered donor and encourages others to sign up. She is active in the LifeNet Health community, often attending events where she is reminded why she chose to be a donor herself.