Busy Mom Can Walk Without Pain Thanks to Donor ACL Graft

Megan Jevne | Tissue recipient

Whether through humor, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, Megan Jevne has always loved supporting others. As the director of a preschool, she is proud to provide a positive environment for her staff and to advocate for her students and their families. She wants each child know how truly special they are.

Megan Jevne with her familyAs a sophomore in high school, Megan partially tore her ACL during the first week of basketball practice. After hearing the details of what the surgery and recovery would be like at age 15, she and her family decided against it, instead opting for physical therapy that could help her gain strength.

Despite having arthroscopic surgery as a young adult to try to impr ove the partial tear, her ACL eventually tore completely during a family vacation. Megan found herself in constant chronic pain and she could barely get through her daily tasks as a busy working mom of two girls. She visited an orthopedic surgeon, and after X-rays and an MRI, it was discovered she had arthritis and that her meniscus and ACL were both torn.

Megan’s doctor recommended a procedure that would utilize a donor ACL graft. Now, following that procedure, she is incredibly thankful to be able to walk without excruciating pain, She can use the stairs at work without worrying that her knee will give out and even hopes to take up running as a hobby. But above everything else, she is grateful that the donated gift of tissue has allowed her to enjoy life and play with her daughters without the burden of chronic pain.