LifeNet Health LifeSciences Division

 LifeNet Health’s LifeSciences Division created a human tissue and cell-based in vitro biology platform by leveraging its innovative technology-driven transplantation and preclinical research programs.  The LifeSciences Division developed a vertically integrated supply chain for human tissue recovery and cell preparation, which supports the increasing demands for human biospecimens, primary cells and hepatocytes for scientific research, drug discovery and safety testing. The application of three dimensional matrices and human cellular models will enable significant scientific improvements for more relevant biologic experiments.

LifeSciences products and services include: human biospecimens, hepatocytes and other primary cells, cell culture media including human ECMs (HuGentra), oncology 3D HuBiogel™- based biology testing services, and custom requests.

Our LifeSciences team will be hosting an exhibit at the following conferences: 

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