Instructions for Use

The following instructions for use (IFU) are provided for reference purposes only. Always refer to the IFU included with each LifeNet Health allograft to ensure proper use. 


AngioGraft Veins and Arteries (cryopreserved)

ArthroFlex Decellularized Dermis

CardioGraft (cryopreserved)

CardioGraft-MC Decellularized Patch

Dermacell AWM Decellularized Dermis

FlexiGraft Tendons (frozen)

FlexiGraft Bone/Fibers (freeze dried and Preservon)

Fresh Osteochondral Allografts

MatriGraft (freeze dried and Preservon)

MatriGraft (frozen)


Oracell Decellularized Dermis

Optium DBM Putty and Gel

OraGraft (freeze dried)

ReadiGraft Bone Void Filler (freeze dried and Preservon)

ReadiGraft Soft Tissue (freeze dried and Preservon)

ReadiGraft (frozen)

ReadiGraft CryoSkin (frozen)

ReadiGraft BLX Fibers, Strips and Sponges (freeze dried and Preservon)

ReadiGraft BLX DBM Putty - OUS only

VertiGraft (freeze dried and Preservon)

VertiGraft (frozen)