Get a New Career Full of Purpose as a Processing Technician

If you’re looking for a new career that’s full of meaning and purpose, consider joining LifeNet Health as a Processing Technician. This is an exciting opportunity to get in-depth training in a highly specialized field, with many opportunities for advancement. Our Processing Techs are a vital part of the LifeNet Health Processing & Logistics team. Their daily work helps restore health and save lives for patients all over the world.

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What Does a Processing Tech Do?

Most people are familiar with organ donation at the end of life. You may not know that donors can also provide the gift of tissue. While an organ donor can save up to nine lives, a tissue donor can help more than 150 people – and our Processing Techs are vital to making this happen. Each one is highly trained by LifeNet Health to transform donor tissue into grafts for surgical transplantation in patients worldwide. Examples of grafts include bone, tendons, skin, and heart valves. Often this helps people who suffer from chronic and debilitating conditions. In some cases, donated tissue can save a life.

Most candidates do not come to us with tissue processing experience. Many of our techs have worked in fields as varied as health care, manufacturing, construction, skilled trades, and biology. Some have experience as veterinary assistants or surgical techs. LifeNet Health offers in-depth on-the-job training to ensure a successful transition.

Who is Right for This Job?

People who are good with their hands – and who love helping others – are ideal for these roles. Essential skills include:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication 
Processing Technician in full PPE on the job

Environment and Tools

LifeNet Health is committed to leading-edge safety practices. Our Processing Techs wear personal protective equipment, including hoods, masks, frocks, coveralls, and shoe covers. Depending on the task, sterile gowns, gloves, and hoods may also be required. All PPE is provided.

Processing Techs work in clean rooms. They are trained in aseptic technique, to prevent exposure from pathogens and to ensure the safety of donated gifts.

Processing Techs also work with many tools, including scales, pumps, mixers, sealers, scalpels, forceps, and more.

Work Hours and Locations

Since LifeNet Health operates around the clock, our Processing Techs work in shifts to ensure our mission continues 24/7, 365 days a year. Positions are available in multiple locations in Virginia Beach, Va., and Renton, Wash.